Typical danish

When visiting another country you should always try at least one local dish. Typical Danish food can be the famous red pølse (hot dog), or a deliciously tasting smørrebrød (sandwich) accompanied by a Danish beer.

Denmark is the land of Smørrebrød Smørrebrød is an Danish word which you should learn! Smørrebrød is Danish for an open sandwich. And how tempting can that be? Lay all your prejudice aside. You're in for a treat when ordering one or two.

The tradition goes back to the birth of industrialism in Denmark. When people started to work outside their farms they brought leftovers to have for lunch at work. And the Smørrebrød was born! From that day on almost every bar hired what was called a "Smørrebrød Virgin", a title still existing in the Danish kitchen today. The "Smørrebrød Virgin", mostly an unmarried woman (!), started to work at four in the morning to cook all those delicious specialities that you still find on an Danish style open sandwich. Put a fresh lettuce on buttered bread and top abundantly with e.g. shrimps, a piece of fresh smoked salmon or liver paste with crisp bacon, and you have a smørrebrød.

Pølse - The Red Hot Dog Another must-eat is Pølse: Danish style hot dog served either boiled or fried. And you've never seen anything like it - it's gaudy red! The pølse is served with a bun and mustard and you'll find pølse-stands all over the city.