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Are you looking for a hotel located at, or close to, Copenhagen Airport? In our compilation we have listed all available hotels – compare the different options to find the best one according to your wishes.

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Copenhagen Airport, also known as Kastrup, is one of the busiest airports in Northern Europe. The airport is well connected to the rest of the world, and is also a common pitstop when it comes to connecting flights to or from Europe.

If you want to find a hotel located close to Copenhagen Airport, there are many options to choose from. You find both affordable, budget options and some hotels that are a bit more luxurious and expensive. Have a look at our compilation above to find all hotels close to, or at, Kastrup.

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Airport hotels in Copenhagen

When it comes to airport hotels in Copenhagen, there are a few to choose from that are located right by Kastrup. If you are in Copenhagen for a short stay over, this is definitely one of the most comfortable options to choose. The hotels located at the airport have different standards, but the majority are three star options – a perfect level for a short stay.

Cheap hotels near Copenhagen Airport

In Copenhagen you find hotels of all shapes, sizes and price ranges – and this is also the case when it comes to hotels close to the airport. If you are looking for a budget hotel we recommend that you have a look at the options with two stars. This normally gives you a comfortable stay, but without any excess.

Travel tip! Remember that the price is also affected by other things than the number of stars. For example, the price tends to fluctuate over time making it a good idea to regularly check the prices to find the best possible timing to book your hotel room.

Are you looking for a flight to Copenhagen Airport? Follow the link below to find flights to Kastrup for all parts of the world.