City center hotels in Copenhagen

Are you visiting Copenhagen and want to find the best possible hotel in the city center? Take a look at our compilation and compare hotels of different standards.

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Find the best hotel in Copenhagen city center

The colorful city of Copenhagen is well visited by tourists from all over the world. Many wish to stay at a hotel with a central location – and luckily the city center of Copenhagen is filled with hotels of all shapes and sizes. You find hotels of all standards, from the most luxurious 5 star hotels to more affordable options. By choosing to stay in the center of town, you will have walking distance to many of the most popular tourist sites in Copenhagen.

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Choose your standard – 3, 4 or 5 stars

3 star hotels

If you are looking for a comfortable stay at an affordable price, the 3 star hotels are usually a good option. At a 3 star hotel you can expect well-equipped rooms and to have all your basic needs cover – without the excess. In the center of Copenhagen you find plenty of 3 star hotels to choose from, and some of the most well visited options are found in our previous compilation.

4 star hotels

Just one step below luxury you find the 4 star hotels. Here you can expect a high quality of service and great amenities. Usually there is an on-site restaurant, and in many cases you find for example a fitness center, a pool and/or business suits. No matter the rating it is important to remember that the standard can vary between hotels even if they have the same number of stars.

5 star hotels

If you want to receive the most luxurious experience available when it comes to hotels in Copenhagen city center, we recommend that you have a look at the five star options. When living at a top luxury hotel you can be sure to receive the highest level of service, together with spacious rooms, great accommodations and a unique design.

Boutique hotels in Copenhagen city center

The concept of boutique hotels is becoming more and more popular, which is also the case in the central parts of the Danish capital. This kind of hotel usually has a specific theme or focus and aims to create a more personalized experience. Many boutique hotels are also smaller in size than your typical hotel chain option.