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Tivoli Gardens

The Tivoli Gardens has amused and enchanted Copenhageners and people from all over the world since its first season in 1843. Like a small fairy tale village, you'll find it right in the heart of Copenhagen. And we assure you that Tivoli's got something for everyone, regardless age.

In this very special amusement park you'll find everything from roller coasters to theatres, romantic gourmet restaurants (one of the most famous restaurants in Denmark, Grøften, is situated here!) cafés, bars, magnificent flowers and outdoor stages, where local and international stars perform throughout the season.

For Christmas, Tivoli transforms into a winter fairyland, where you can skate and buy Christmas presents in an outdoor, old-fashioned market. Summer season lasts from beginning of April until the end of September, and Christmas season starts in the end of November. Even during Halloween, Tivoli opens its gates and treats visitors with some special events. It's magic, it's Tivoli, and you'll love it!