The Hirschsprung collection

The Hirschsprungske Collection is an incredible collection of art collected by Heinrich Hirschsprung in the 1800s. Hirschsprung was a tobacco manufacturer who came to fill his home with fabulous Danish works from the 1800s and the Danish Golden Age.

A few years before his death Hirschsprung decided that the collection would be in the public's possession after his death and that a museum with his collection would be built.

The museum was opened in 1911 and the atmosphere is very intimately with a feeling that you are in someone's home - just as Hirschsprung desired. Here you will find three large rooms and some small rooms where the collection comes into its own. Among the more than 700 paintings, drawings and sculptures can be found including works by Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, Wilhelm Marstrand Constantin Hansen and PS Krøyer.