In old days, Nyhavn was a place for sailors coming to Copenhagen, and the port was splited in two parts - one “naughty”, and one “nice” side.

Nowadays Nyhavn - with its picturesque harbour with old sailing ships bobbing on the canals’ water, and colourful facades of old houses - is as expected a tourist attraction, along with the nearby Kongens Nytorv, Strøget, and Amalienborg Palace. It is here various canal tour excursions start, too.

However, Nyhavn is still popular among the locals, who as soon as weather permits occupy numerous outdoors bars and restaurants by the canal. Others prefer to spend time simply sitting by the waterfront and chatting over some beers. Today, on this formerly gloomy side of the street, the atmosphere is always cosy and familiar.

Where H. C. Andersen lived and died.

The famous Danish writer H. C. Andersen wrote his first fairy tale in the house number 20 down the harbour in 1835; he ended his life in the house number 18. In between, he lived nineteen years in the number 67.