Cheap hotels in Copenhagen

Do you want to spend more money on experiencing the Danish capital, and less money on your hotel room? Here we can help you find the most popular budget hotels in Copenhagen.

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Find the best cheap hotel in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is filled with hotels of all shapes, sizes and price ranges. You can both find luxurious five star hotels and more affordable options. If you want to find the cheapest option available – that still lives up to your requirements – we recommend that you have a look at our previous compilation. Here we have gathered cheap hotels in Copenhagen, and you can easily find the best options by choosing your dates and if you have any other preferences.

Cheap hotels near the airport

The Danish capital holds one of the busiest airports in Northern Europe – Kastrup. The airport is well connected to the rest of the world, and also a popular stop on the way if you are traveling by connecting flights. If you are passing through Denmark on a longer trip, you might be on the lookout for a cheap hotel to stay at. In this case, we can give you a hand! By using our search function you can find cheap hotels close to Copenhagen Airport, or whatever location you wish to live at.

City center location – find budget hotels

Besides living close to the airport, another popular location in Copenhagen is to stay in the city center. Here are also a number of budget hotels to choose from, that are all located close to some of the most well visited parts of Copenhagen. Living in the city center can normally cost a little more than if you stay outside the most central parts of the town. On the other hand, you can save money on things such as rental cars and other transports. Weigh the different costs against each other to find the best and most price worthy option.