World Disco Soup

Apr 2018 Saturday
Saturday 28th of April will be the World Disco Soup Day. We decided to take part to it and make a Terra Madre Nordic Style Disco Soup for the event!

How? We will collect food leftovers from different places in town: farmers, supermarket, restaurants and bakeries - We’ll bring everything inside the TMN kitchens: wash, peel, slice and cook the veggies with the help of a few volunteers and chefs. Once the soup is ready it will be served for free in the Københavns Madhus yard and of course good music won’t be missing!

What do we provide? Good food, nice vibes and a lot of love ????????

What can you provide? Your ambition to change the world through food!

NB: the more we eat the more we save from waste!!!

Please note: We serve the food on a first come, first serve basis. If you don’t get soup anymore, don’t be sad! You can still come dance and celebrate with us, and have fun in the name of GOOD, CLEAN, FAIR FOOD!

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