Iron Viking

Aug 2018 Saturday
The toughest marathon in the World comes to Denmark: the Iron Viking Roskilde with a 42km track and 100+ obstacles. Do you dare?

The Iron Viking Roskilde is the ultimate Obstacle Run challenge of 2018 in Denmark. Are you an obstacle runner, crossfitter, triathlete, survival runner or another all-round athlete and you think you can handle this legendary challenge? Subscribe now for the Iron Viking on 15 September in Roskilde: 42km of off-road track with 100+ obstacles! Earn the unique and most wanted Iron Viking Medal & beer opener – The proudest way to open beer with your friends!

The maximum running time for the Iron Viking Roskilde is 7,5 hours

42km original Strong Viking Obstacle Run track
An original Iron Viking finisher T-shirt before the run
An original finisher t-shirt at the finish
Refreshments on the track
Personal photos/videos of you during the run
A personal photo at the finish
The choice of a beer or water at the finish
An Iron Viking medal*
*When finished within the time limit.

Fast-lane at all obstacles
Time registration
Obstacle registration at defined points
Deep respect from all the crew and participants

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By: Strong Viking Danmark
(Author of the event)