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Sep 2017 Wednesday
We meet once a month in Copenhagen to slow down, enjoy some coffee and write some beautiful letters.

We provide the stationery, pens, cards and stamps to write up to 3 letters to anyone you like. Two of these can be to an international address.

Who are we?
We're a volunteer not for profit group and we've been writing letters in Copenhagen for nearly 5 years.

You'll also find similar groups in Aarhus (Post A Letter | Aarhus) as well as Toronoto, Bern and a few other places ;)

Our goal is simply to encourage and spread the art and love of writing letters. Because we know it's super exciting to receive a handwritten letter and also feels really good to take a step back, turn off your phone and just write.

How much does it cost?

We ask that you just make a small donation on the night. Whatever you can afford. Every little donation helps us to buy more stationery for future events. You'll find a donation box on the welcome table with the stationery.

Also.... to help make the event work we are always approaching and searching for new sponsors of the event. People and companies who would like to donate stationery. If you know anyone who might be interested in supporting us then please let us know.

Food and Coffee
There is a great cafe at Enigma where you can purchase food and drink. For those attending our event you can purchase Coffee for 25kr with free refills.

Please help us by RSVP'ing for this event :)

We look forward to seeing you for a hyggeligt event.

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By: Post A Letter Copenhagen
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