Shaggin' In The Rain

Oct 2017 Friday
- 08
Oct 2017 Sunday
'SHAGGIN' IN THE RAIN' will be the next international workshop for Collegiate Shag in Copenhagen.

Two teaching couples, 3 Levels of Collegiate Shag, two days of classes and 3 days of parties and socials from all of 'Shagenhagen' to all of you crazy shagsters out there.

Teaching couple 1: Jim & Nicky,
Teaching couple 2: Silvia & Edu,

We will once again be the incredible Happy Feet Studio so prepare for great dancefloors. See you at Ørnevej 33, 2400 Copenhagen NV
Checl out the place:

18:30 - 21:30 Check in at Happy Feet Studio
19:00 - 01:00 Fast Feet Party at Happy Feet Studio (60 DKK at the door - Mobilepay or Cash)

10:00 - 18:00 Workshops in 3 levels at HFS
20:00 - 02:00 Theme party: "Shaggin' in the Rain" with live band The Syncopators.

11:00 - 15:00 Workshops in 3 levels at HFS
15:00 - 18:00 Afternoon Shag Social Dancing in w. a little surprise at the Venue*
18 – 21: Sauna, socializing and “bring-your-own-dinner”-time at the Venue*
21 - ??: Moving to the Tipi-bar at “Verdenshjørnet” just around the corner for those who would like an extra drink (and maybe a shag dance on dust – it’s been tried and it’s fun)

*Sunday social and sauna is free for all participants with a full pass. For everyone else the price is 25 DKK (approximately 3 euros) in cash or MobilePay

FULL WORKSHOP (6h of classes + Saturday party with live band + Afterparty)
EARLYBIRD -110 € ~ 830 DKK (until 27th of August)
REGULAR - 120 € ~ 905 DKK

Friday Party - 60 DKK ~ 8 € (Pay in Danish cash or Mobilepay at the door)
Saturday Party only - 120 DKK ~ 16 € (Pay via registration or cash/Mobilepay at the door)


We have created three different levels to make sure that everybody gets the most out of this workshop and will be able to attend a class where you both have the confidence to master everything and at the same time are challenged sufficiently.
We don’t offer any beginner’s introduction since it is a workshop for people already dancing Collegiate Shag.
We will ask you a few questions in the registration form about your experience to help ensure that you will attend the right level. Depending on who signs up we might reorganize the levels a bit. If you feel you are put in a wrong level please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so we can talk it through.

So here they are some descriptions with rainy metaphors on what you will get out of each level.

Light rain (Beginner+/intermediate):

This level will not be an introduction to shag since we expect that you already know the basics. You have already done at least one round of weekly classes or other types of introductory workshops and started to social dance shag in your home scene. The shag basic goes in a continuous flow and you would like to become better and more comfortable with your basic technique and get to know more figures and variations to practice with. So if you want to turn all those raindrops of Collegiate Shag into a light rain of expressive dancing, this is your level.

NOTE for Copenhagen Shagsters: This level is suitable for you if you have already done the Shag 1 (or nearly) at Happy Feet Studio or if you have gone through one round of Shag at Hepcats.

Heavy rain (Intermediate+):

You’ve already been dancing collegiate shag for a while and have attended weekly classes for around half a year. You no longer have to think about your footwork and have several variations under your belt. You have a growing repertoire of moves and social dance shag regularly. You are familiar with at least one version of the Shag-out and are comfortable with several forms of breaks. You have attended at least one workshop with international teachers. After this level you’ll be hitting the dancefloor with the rhythm of heavy raindrops.

NOTE for Copenhagen Shagsters: This level is suitable for you if you have already done the Shag 2 at Happy Feet Studio or if you have gone through at least two rounds of Shag at Hepcats - and fit the description.

Monsoon (Advanced):

This level is for experienced shagsters who have danced for a year or more and participated in at least one international Collegiate Shag festival. You use breaks and can change between different rhythms (single and double time shag) and footwork techniques. Your styling and expression reflects the music, whether it be tiny and smooth or big and explosive. You use a range of figures (i.e. popturn and tandem shag) and are comfortable dancing to faster music (220+ BPM). So let a heavy rain of moves and styling turn into a shaggin’ monsoon to flood the dancefloor.

NOTE for Copenhagen Shagsters: This level is suitable for you if you are not just taking classes at the highest level available in Copenhagen but also have participated in several workshops both national and international or in general have more than 1 year of experience with dancing collegiate shag. If doubt please don’t hesitate to ask us in the organizing team about advice.

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By: Shagenhagen
(Author of the event)

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