Tech & Tonic

Apr 2018 Friday
No startup culture without stereotypes, and for this TECH & TONIC we celebrate some of our most beloved ones. The evening is the formal launch of Startup Dogs, our beer anthology with Nørrebro Bryghus, which gives each of these contemporary icons their own bottle.

Give it up for:

The Founder. Ever so consumed by the grand vision, this idealist knows all about where product + team is headed. First Miami, then we take the world! So you must really forgive, when the founder’s mind wanders.

The Corporate. An air of old-world charm, for sure. But also resourceful in a "let my legal team look at that for you"-kind of way. Good companion during a snowstorm, since he survived a few (and has private chopper connections).

The VC. Those ears. They pick up on any emerging growth case from Portland to Kathmandu. It’s always fast touch-base, “I’m between flights" with this guy. WOOOOOSH. What was that? That was the VC passing through.

The Developer. Extremely focused, bordering on tunnel-vision. No one can copy her code, no one can find the way out, so by default she is irreplaceable. And don’t sing her that song about work-life-balance. She will run, until the job is done.

The Intern. “Happy to be onboard, sir!” “Never done it, but will give it a try, sir!" There is nothing as joyous as witnessing a career in springtime. Just don't get too attached to the intern. Like trains, there will always be another one.

The Angel. “I invest with the heart,” she says. The result is a personal portfolio of great variety. Fintech, health tech, green tech, and half a million “for those nice young people and their little restaurant on the corner”.

Live talk section from 16.00-16.45 about going against labels as an entrepreneur. And hanging on to a few old-school ideas that make sense.

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By: Talent Garden Rainmaking
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