Vor Frue Kirke
(The Church of Our Lady)

The cathedral as it is today was built 1810-29, designed in the Neo-Classical style by the Danish architect C.F. Hansen. It can sit more than one thousand people.

But its history goes back to the very beginning of the 13th century; although a rather small and unpretentious building, it was religiously important as the cathedral of Copenhagen and answered to the bishop Absalom of Roskilde. Four times it was ravaged by fire. In the beginning of the 14th century it was rebuilt and this time - large as a cathedral. For the next two centuries it was the main cathedral of Denmark, and in Europe it was considered as the most precious architectural masterpieces.

In 1728 the church once more was destroyed by fire but rebuilt in red brick, and re-inaugurated ten years later. The latest renovation was done in the 1970s. The Copenhagen is famous for its statues of Christ and the Apostles by famous Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen.

The wedding between the crown prince Frederik and Mary Donaldsen took place here in 2004. The Our Lady’s Church is also the national cathedral of Denmark.