Tech & Tonic

Oct 2017 Friday
Entrepreneurs + g&t’s + autumn mood =
Friday 13, show us what you got

After a prolonged hibernation, TECH & TONIC will return to Rainmaking Loft. Informal investment deals will be made in the shared kitchens. Founders will find co-founders, while they make the mistake of chewing on the branch of rosemary in their alcoholic beverages. Legendary entrepreneurs will debate the state of the ecosystem, they will draft new company manifestos on their iPhones, while they assure each other that the iPhone X is a predictable, but necessary expense. International interns with massive potential will mingle and conspire and realize that they are the real ecosystem of the future, Corporate Empires will redefine themselves, but keep a burning heart of legacy, because legacies ground you and keep you warm through winter, and when the clock strikes 20.00, we will set off into the night, since 2017 is not over at all yet, so do get out there and launch the thing you keep thinking about anyways.

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By: Rainmaking Loft Copenhagen
(Author of the event)

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