Aug 2017 Saturday
"It's Pride time, darling!

On August the 19th will the Copenhagen Pride Parade be flowding through the streets of Copenhagen, and what better way to start the celebration than with a brunch with bubbles!

My boyfriend and I are hosting a Pride-Brunch with some friends and you are welcome too! We will start with a home made brunch and bobble at our place, thenwe will hit the streets around 13:00. From here only the glittery wind can tell where we will end, therefore, do not expect that the party will stay together for the rest of the evening. This is a great way for foreigners to experience Danish "hygge" amoung locals and for locals to meet others from their neighborhood.

The brunch will amoung others contain freshly baked bread, homemade "Brunsviger" - a Danish breakfast cake, salmon, eggs, frugt, jam, chees, coffee, tea and of course bubbles.

We are looking forward to celebrade Pride with you!

Raz & Kristian"

- tickets and more information at www.tasteplease.com/event/208

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By: Tasteplease
(Author of the event)

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