Død Ø

Feb 2017 Saturday
“The Zombie Apocalypse has begun. Horribly enough, right here in CPH. You need to find the antidote to survive...”

Død Ø / Dead Isle - by Zombie Defence Academy (ZDA) is a live action immersive zombie survival experience. Survivors must sneak, run and (safely) fight their way through a gauntlet of Zombies to obtain the antidote and party at The End of the World.

On 25th Feb, 2017 at an undisclosable stunning harbour location, Død Ø / Dead Isle is a light weight, high impact, first contact scenario.

The Zombie Defence Academy has brought the game to NYC, London, outside of Berlin and Penticton, BC.

Supported by KulturHavn365, Teaterøen and ILLUTRON

Event is free, registration required: http://zombiedefence.academy
1100 - Zombie School
1400 - 1800 Game is open
1600 - 2100 End of the World Party

Also check out our FB Group, which has been around much longer

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By: Zombie Defence Academy
(Author of the event)

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