Sorcerous Spring Ball

Apr 2017 Saturday
We cordially invite all wizards, witches and magical creatures alike to the magical social event of the season. If you are a fan of the magical world of Harry Potter, then this is the place to be.

Entrance: 100 kr
Entrance + 3 course themed dinner & wine: 300 kr!
We have secured a venue, and we have a lot of our decorations set. Please bear in mind, that there is a LIMITED AMOUNT OF TICKETS, as we want to keep the quality of the place high and not overrun. This also means that there will be no tickets sold at the door, so secure your ticket before they run out.


2 dance floors
This year, we can promise two dance floors; the elegant ballroom, in which you can enchant everyone with your wizarding waltz from Vienna and one for the magical beings that wish to conjure a conga or twerk their magical tail feather.

Costume contest with amazing prizes
We reprise the costume contest from last year’s Wizard Winter Ball, where you get to decide who should win the amazing prizes. So show up and impress everyone with your dazzling display of a costume. And remember there will be no entrance for mundanes, no-majs and other muggles. This is a ball, so dress accordingly.

Magical Bar
We’ll make sure to accommodate all manners of beverages. Whether you prefer your butterbeer without butter, or are looking for something that not even Libatius Borage could have concocted then we’ll have it for you.
And don’t worry, even if your pockets are only filled with a few coins of copper and a single piece of silver, then you’ll be able to find something. The bar is there to make sure your thirst is quenched, not that your pockets are emptied.

Dinner and ball
We also offer a special limited number of seats to the fast few who wishes to dine in style and elegance. Get sorted, meet your fellow sorceresses, sorcerers, other Potterheads and have a grand ol’ time with this three course magical themed feast. The ticket to the ball is of course included in the price of the meal. If you secure yourself one of the sought for dinner tickets, you will be expected to enter from 17:00 to 17:45.

All magical societies are welcome
We invite all fans of all magical realms, be it Harry Potter, College of Wizardry, Niebelungen or New World Magischola. Some might be in character as Professor Minerva McGonnagall and others might reprise their character from a LARP (Live Action Role Play) in Poland or the United States.
Do not be afraid to interact with people ‘in character’ but do expect them to act different from how they might usually act.
If you wish to be ‘in character’ you will receive a sticker which you can wear during the party.


Warner Bros have given their permission for us to host this party, as long as we a do not use unlicensed printed material or call it something with the HP-franchise. So please refer to it as ‘Sorcerous Spring Ball’, not ‘harry potter party’.
We are therefore creating most of the decorations ourselves, and even though we have lots, we still want more. If you want to join the team of creative masterminds then join the facebook group Pottastic Parties and you’ll be invited to weekends of fun, cardboard and papermache.

We want to keep the party cool and going, but our dear elves and gnomes manning the doors will also need to change to their ball gowns. This means that the entrance will only be open between 20:00-22:30. If you for some reason know that you can’t be there in the allotted time slot, contact us, and we’ll see what we can do.

This is a themed party – and that mean you should dress up for it. Jeans will not do. You may attend in your School Uniform or your adept ball attire – but no everyday clothes. You are more than welcome to dress as a magical creature, the more magical the better. There will be a manned cloak room for you to store your belongings, so no worries about your wings or horns, there are room for those as well.

Put in the simplest terms, you can expect a grand party with themed decorations and a fierce costume competition. Last year we had fans from more than 10 countries attend, and this year we step it up even further.
The bar prizes will be cheap, and we will be serving all sorts of wizard themed drinks, beers and wine. For this reason, you have to be 18 or older to attend.

Keep an eye on this page and on Pottastic Parties to stay updated on what is going to happen at the grand Sorcerous Spring Ball.

Asjula and Pottastic Parties

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